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Life Activation

This session activates your physical and spiritual DNA that begins the process of transformation within your life!

The session includes multiple energetic alignments that balance your mind, body and spirit connection in preparation for the Life Activation. The activation of the 22-strands of your DNA increases your physical body's ability to hold more positive energy that strengthens your connection to your original divine blueprint. 

Benefits Include:

  • Holding more positive energy in your physical body.​

  • Awakening hidden abilities and gifts.

  • Increasing vitality.

  • Gaining more clarity.

  • Breaking old emotional and mental patterns.

  • Helping clear familial and genetic karmic patterns.

  • Assisting with stabilizing emotions.

  • Creating a positive relationship with yourself and others. 

Ensofic Reiki

This is a hands on healing modality passed down from Mikao Usui and the Modern Mystery school. This Reiki session connects you with Ensofic Ray - the Light of the origin of the universe, the highest ray of Light- to facilitate your body's ability to regenerate, remove toxins, and restart the flow of any stagnant energy.  

Ensofic Reiki can help with the healing of physical, emotional, mental ailments, and help one reach a state of complete peace of mind to live life alive! (Anjin Ryumei). It is an excellent complemental service to conventional western treatments.

Ensofic Reiki may help with: 

  • Faster recovery from illnesses

  • Reducing Inflammation and pain

  • Boosting your Immune System

  • Reducing stress and alleviating anxiety & depression

  • Reducing addiction and dependencies
    and many more!

*Ensofic Reiki is not a substitute or replacement for your existing plan of care. Speak with your health care provider before starting or stopping any treatment.* 


Reiki Treatment
Energy Healing

Seiheki + Nentatsu-ho

This Ensofic Reiki session focuses on clearing and releasing bad habits or negative traits that hinder peace within your life. This session helps balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain, bringing you back to balance.

Each session will start with Seihiki  to release a negative trait you want to let go of, and immediately followed by 

Nentatsu-ho which works with the energy of your personal affirmation statement to bring in healing and improve or modify different areas of your life. 

Enkaku - Distance Reiki

This distance Ensofic Reiki healing session has the same effect and power as hands-on treatment.

This is an excellent option for those who are unable to come in person. 

Egyptian Aura Healing

Egyptian Aura Healing is an ancient method used to heal and balance all 7 layers of the aura. Working with Sacred Geometries and invoking the power of Egyptian gods and goddesses, this healing technique can fix holes in the aura, increase energy, and rebalance the physical, emotional, soul, and astral bodies.

It also helps reaffirm your mission statement for life, providing clarity and direction.

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Reiki Therapy

Aura Healing + Crystal Rites

The Aura protects the physical body and can be weakened by many factors including stress, lack of self-care, too much alcohol or drugs, and strong negative emotions to name a few. This gentle restorative session helps repair 3 layers of your aura which can help revitalize your energy! 

The aura healing will be followed by a Sacred Geometry Magickal Healing Rite for either healing old wounds, healing new wounds, or for increasing good fortune! 

Sacred Geometry Crystal Magick

This relaxing session is a practical application of Sacred Geometry teachings using crystal magickCrystals are strategically placed on very specific areas of the body to raise your vibrations and spiritual connection.

Each session will focus on 3 areas of your choice: 

  • Physical

  • Emotional

  • Mental

  • Space Reversal (spatial perception)

  • Time Enhancement (time management/ relationship with time)

  • Libido

  • Personal Empowerment

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